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The configuration of the heavens at the time of your birth gives you the energy pattern you need for the soul growth you have chosen. The only reason you are on this earth is for soul growth.  Seraph Julian

rainbow fountainWelcome to the Soul Astrologer website. Your natal, or birth chart, read from the perspective of the experiences of your soul’s journey will bring you a new and solid insight on your individual purpose. Soul astrology is not predictive. However, it offers you a tangible way to recognize your innate talents, clearly put into perspective those challenges and fears that we all choose to meet, and find an internal balance when meeting your life experiences.

Find out more about Soul Astrology and Evolutionary Astrology. Or if you like to learn more about me, visit the About Soul Astrologer page, and if you like to schedule a session, please refer to the Services page to contact me.

Universe =) 4Also, visit the Current Transits blog to keep informed how the current planetary lineup may affect you. The Internet offers much about astrology though sometimes with questionable quality. The goal of the Current Transits blog is to bring you the best astrology blog postings that are written by astrologers who share their insight and wisdom. Feel free to subscribe to my blog.

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